Friday, August 21, 2009

Students Say the Awesomest things: Part 3

During the summer festival, one of my 3rd year JHS students (9th grader) came up to Jonny and had a pretty funny conversation with him:

student: (in Japanese) Do you have a perm?

Jonny: (in English) No

student: (in Japanese) must have a perm!

Jonny: (not sure how to say it in Japanese, so he tries to say it in English) Natural style

student: Ohhh! *makes a gesture of a curling iron* style! *nods like she gets it now.*

After that she started touching his hair. She seemed very impressed.

If you ever come to the country side of Japan, you should expect questions like this from kids. "Your eyes are blue! Do you wear contacts?" or they might point at your freckles and go, "Whoa...what's that?!" If they're really young, they might ask you if you dye your hair since it's not black. Forgive them of these things though. They don't see many people like you.

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FilthyGrandeur said...

that's so adorable!

also, i like the idea of white people being seen as the "odd" ones. lol.