Sunday, July 5, 2009

Blogging in Japan - important things to know

As I start this back up, I have to make readers aware of a few things.

Just like back in America, blogging in Japan is something you have to be careful about. Often, you won't be reading how I really feel about my work situation. Because this blog is public, any one of my co-workers can stumble upon it. Many foreigners coming over here to work have gotten in trouble for this. Maybe they thought they'd be safe since they write in English? I'm not sure. This is definitely a situation I want to avoid. Because of this, all my posts relating to work will probably all be positive or give you little information. If you wish to know more about my work situation, feel free to send me a private message sometime.

The other thing you won't see in here is pictures/videos of my schools and students. CLAIR (Council of Local Authorities and International Relations) makes it very clear that we are NEVER to do this. I get constant email reminders that I should never have photos of my students online, and I should never show the inside of the schools. (Of course, if I get permission from their parents, then it's OK). It makes me a little sad because I'd love to show you all how adorable these kids are how different the schools can look from American schools. However, these kids have a right to privacy, and I respect that.

If you're ever planning to start a public blog while working in Japan, be sure to keep these things in mind.

So now that we're clear on all of this, let's blogging!

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