Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Students Say the Awesome-est Things: part 2

My students are such little punks sometimes! Take today's class for example:

I was teaching my 2nd year (8th graders) junior high students. The kids were given a homework assignment they'll be expected to do over summer break. I went over to a few kids and expressed some sympathy. No one likes homework over break, especially summer break. The conversation went something like this:

me: aww...summer homework?

student 1: yes :(

student 2: yes :(

me: That's too bad

student 1: *points at the teacher and says a word in Japanese I don't recognize*

me: eh?

student 2: *says the word slower for me* sai - a - ku - da

student 1: (in Japanese) Go tell her she is "saiakuda"!

me: (in Japanese) I don't understand

student 1: *gets the "I'm up to no good" grin on his face* "saiakuda" mean...."good".

student 2: *also grinning* It mean "very good".

student 1: yes! "very good!"

me: *repeating the word to see if it helps me remember it*

student 1: (in Japanese) yes! Now go tell her she is "saiakuda!"

*Both of the kids pull the teacher over and say that I have something to tell her*

student 1 and 2: (in Japanese) say it! say it!

*the teacher looks at me waiting*

me: umm...they want me to say a Japanese word to you, but I don't know what it means

*the teacher rolls her eyes at the students then walks away*

Right after this, I grabbed my electronic dictionary to look up the word. Basically, the kids wanted me to tell the teacher she is "the worst". I'm actually surprised they didn't try something more insulting. Still, it would have gotten me in trouble had I been naive enough to follow them.

Little punks. I love them.

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