Sunday, July 5, 2009

Once more...with feeling!

I'm attempting to resurrect this blog. I'm going to give this one more try. If it doesn't work this time around, then I'll delete it and move on.

So here's why I've only posted in here once then abandoned it:

When we got here, it took us 3 months to get internet in our apartment! Normally, it doesn't take THIS long. I'm still not exactly sure what happened except that some information got lost in translation. By the time Novemeber hit (when we got our internet), I kind of forgot about this thing.

The other reason is that I currently have a private blog I post in (no, I'm not giving you the link to it). Because I post in that, I didn't really think about updating this blog at all.

But now I want to give this another shot. I really like the idea of friends, family, and even random people just interested in life in Japan being able to read what I'm up to. Maybe I can even get Jonny to write some thoughts as well.

I'll start off slow with maybe 1-2 posts a week. If I post more, then even better.

Also, feel free to leave some comments bugging me to update if I'm not. If I actually know people are reading this, it will give me more motivation to post more.


FilthyGrandeur said...

i will be reading!! already got it so your posts show up on my blog list as soon as you post something new.

karrmarshall said...! I want to do that too!

karrmarshall said...

sweet! I think I figured it out so I can stalk you now too ;)